StarLeaf bolsters offering with improved flexibility and control for customers, making it even easier to get simple and reliable video collaboration that fits with the way people work

StarLeaf, the global provider of meeting room solutions and video conferencing services for enterprises, has launched its StarLeaf Spring 2020 release, which includes a variety of new products, features, and upgrades. Key updates include a brand new Microsoft Teams integration, new StarLeaf MultiJoin, Guest Join and Meet Now functionality, and the launch of StarLeaf Huddle.

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The new features have been designed to enhance the customer experience by making it even easier for people to quickly collaborate through video meetings from anywhere, regardless of their device or platform.

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams

This brand new integration seamlessly combines StarLeaf video meetings with the advanced collaboration features of Microsoft Teams. The simplicity of being able to collaborate from a single workspace will dramatically increase productivity for organizations that have, or are moving to, Microsoft Teams, with users able to meet with anyone, anywhere and on any device, both internally or outside of their organization.

StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams allows users to create and schedule StarLeaf video meetings directly from any Microsoft Teams channel or chat, and to manage meetings from Teams or Outlook calendars.

StarLeaf MultiJoin

Addressing the confusion caused by having to manage meetings across different platforms and meeting services, StarLeaf MultiJoin allows users to join meetings instantly at the touch of a button, from any StarLeaf room, without the need for complex dial-in-codes. StarLeaf MultiJoin makes it easier for users to connect and collaborate in an instant.

StarLeaf MultiJoin works with Microsoft Teams (via CVI partners), Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans and Microsoft Skype for Business.

StarLeaf Huddle

StarLeaf Huddle, an all-in-one video meeting room solution designed to deliver the best user experience for video meetings in smaller spaces, is now available for pre-order. With StarLeaf Huddle, enterprises can get the most out of even the smallest spaces in their workplace, with the ability to quickly make even the smallest space a collaboration hub.

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Guest Join, Meet Now and other improvements

With a keen eye on simplifying the user experience and offering impeccable quality for users, StarLeaf has also introduced Guest Join and Meet Now, making it easier than ever to meet with anyone through StarLeaf. StarLeaf rooms, which turn any meeting space into a video conferencing suite, have an upgraded user experience, with new onscreen prompts and guides, plus the ability to customize screens with wallpaper.

Other wider improvements include improved audio and video quality, offering support for higher bandwidth, and the introduction of customizable calendar invites.

Mark Richer, Chief Executive Officer at StarLeaf, commented: “At StarLeaf we fundamentally believe that collaboration should not be restricted to one platform, which is why our mission is to ensure individuals have the ability to communicate in the way that works best for them. With so many collaboration tools on the market today, we believe it is critical our offering supports enterprises on their journey to creating their very own best-of-breed technology stack.