Starfish ETL and Martin and Associates Partner on Integration

Starfish ETL and Martin and Associates Partner on Integration

Starfish ETL, a Technology Advisors, Inc. company, has partnered with Ohio-based technology consultancy Martin and Associates to deliver comprehensive, streamlined integrations to its customer base. Martin and Associates helps clients successfully implement accounting, ERP, and CRM solutions.

With particular expertise in Creatio, Sage, Acumatica, and Microsoft solutions, the company works to implement, train, and further support the adoption of these technologies.

Partnering with StarfishETL will expand Martin and Associates capacity for integration between these solutions and other supporting business software like email, marketing automation, social media, databases, etc.

“We are excited to partner with StarfishETL, a leader in the Creatio integration arena, in order to provide our customers a superior integration ability between CRM and ERP systems.  We know that every customer is unique, and to have the ability to customize the integration to best suit their needs is vital; we have that ability with StarfishETL,” says Martin and Associates CPA and CITP, Rick Wilson.

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“We are pleased to welcome Martin and Associates to our partner team. We value their experience implementing quality solutions and we look forward to working side-by-side with them to deliver the best integrations to their diverse customer network,” says StarfishETL CEO, Sam Biardo.

StarfishETL is a low-code/no-code iPaaS (integration as a platform) solution. Continuously recognized by G2 as a leader in high performing, well-supported data integration and migration, StarfishETL uses the power of dynamic iPaaS to connect solutions in the Cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid environments.

Easy-to-configure connectors, accessibility through firewalls, and a range of scripting languages make StarfishETL a highly adaptable solution that is able to perform the complex functions that help businesses thrive.

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