Stamats Positions Its Audience Management/Solutions Platform for Growth Through Rebrand to Audativ

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Stamats Positions Its Audience Management Solutions Platform for Growth Through Rebrand to Audativ

Stamats has enhanced the branding of its audience management database and solutions offering by renaming it Audativ. Previously named Stamats Data Management, the system has been in the market for more than a decade and enjoys a strong following with B2B publishers and other vertical markets. The new name positions Audativ to further distinguish itself in a competitive marketplace and sets the stage for expansion into new industries.

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A leader in customized research, marketing, fulfillment, intelligence, and audience management, Stamats has developed a strong culture of innovation―seeing and responding to market opportunities by enhancing its suite of services and creating new capabilities to support its clients’ audience goals.

Designed by audience experts, Audativ’s integrated database platform allows organizations to stay engaged with their audiences across all media channels. Seamless integrations with all data and product channels combined with Audativ’s team of engagement professionals ensure further optimization of audience intelligence and a higher return on investment.

“Our platform unifies siloed data into a single comprehensive database. This gives our clients the ability to target audiences, find trends, execute campaigns, expand demographic profiles, and analyze behaviors quickly and accurately,” says Kim Leonard, Vice President and Chief Audience Officer of Stamats. “With the insights gained from this level of audience intelligence, data will perform with a stronger marketing ROI.”

“And importantly, this isn’t technology that sits on a shelf. Audativ has the power of people behind it, helping every client enrich the customer experience, gain a competitive advantage, and drive profitability,” Leonard added.

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“Though the name is new, the service behind Audativ is well-established. Over the past decade, it has proved itself an efficient, cost-effective system for publishers and marketers. Because of that success, we felt a new name was in order―one that encompasses the platform’s full capabilities and introduces its value and power to a broader range of industries,” says Stamats President and CEO Peter Stamats. “We’re looking forward to the future, as Audativ strengthens and supports audience relationships for many more businesses.”

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