Stallios – the Next-Generation Social Network Is Launched

Stallios - the Next-Generation Social Network Is Launched

Stallios inc, the technology company on a mission to create the next-generation social network where everyone can monetize their time and creativity by earning a stable income, has finally launched the social network live.

Stallios is the newest social network of the internet, it’s the next-generation. A real social world created to help people grow positively by being more creative and productive, but also rewarded by earning a stable income for their time and creativity on the platform. Stallios does this by paying every member $1.00 per follower, per year. For example, if you invite 50 000 followers, you will earn $50,000.00 USD per year, recurring, or more if you have more followers. Anyone can start earning an income simply by being on their Payroll, and by inviting friends to their site. Even if it sounds like a beautiful dream, that’s exactly how they execute their business model – everyone can earn an income for their time and creativity on their site.

The potential of monetization is limitless for the normal members, but also for all entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, journalists, and marketers. Because the platform offers all the useful tools and features needed to succeed in those sectors as well, and much more. Also, there’s no algorithm in the updates feed, nor third-party data-sharing of private data, because you remain the sole owner of all your data rights forever. Stallios is free to use for everyone, and the world is invited to join and discover the features.

When we think about the very difficult times that we’re facing these days because of the COVID-19 and unemployment, this new social network looks like a real blessing for the world.