SpringML Achieves Marketing Analytics Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Program

SpringML , Marketing Analytics Partner, Google Cloud Partner Program

SpringML Inc. (“SpringML”), a leader in machine learning and advanced data analytics services, is delighted to announce that it achieved Specialization Status in Marketing Analytics as part of Google Cloud’s Partner Specialization Program.

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“We are proud to receive this recognition from Google and are excited to announce a continued investment in marketing analytics capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform. Our collaborations with advertisers, publishers and large brands experimenting with unstructured data and sources deliver deeper insights and more creative ways to automate customer engagement. Working closely with our customers on marketing analytics use cases has not only strengthened our partnership with Google but allowed us to build a series of marketing analytics accelerators. With our accelerator program, we helped a reputable social media company analyze petabytes of real-time events generated by millions of users in BigQuery to understand customer growth and retention patterns.” Charles Landry, CEO, SpringML.

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At SpringML, we help our clients get started on building a next-generation marketing analytics platform on Google Cloud. Our iterative approach starts with mapping business goals, setting up a unified marketing data warehouse, integrating data from various channels and enabling AI for predictive marketing analytics.