Springbot Helps Merchants Stay Connected with Loyal Customers through an Integration with Smile.io

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Springbot Helps Merchants Stay Connected with Loyal Customers through an Integration with Smile.io

Springbot, a data-driven marketing platform for eCommerce retailers, today announced a new integration with Smile.io, the world’s largest reward program provider, that gives Springbot merchants easy access to valuable customer loyalty data within their platform.

The IT Marketers Need to Upgrade Digitally to Effectively Contribute to Decision-Making

Loyalty programs are a popular way to increase engagement with existing customers as well as attract new customers, particularly for small and mid-sized merchants. In an ongoing environment where digital commerce continues to accelerate, now more than ever brands are looking for ways to connect with their consumers.

Springbot customers now have a way to pull valuable loyalty program data into the company’s platform to create customized marketing. Additionally, marketers will be able to view those unique marketing campaigns results and segment customers by loyalty status or point balance to further engage offers or new products. Loyalty points will be available as segments for targeting as well as dynamic tags within email campaigns. Marketers can include a customer’s specific loyalty program points or referral URLs in emails to provide a more customized experience. And, marketers can also share customer activity data back with Smile.io so marketing engagement information can be used to grow loyalty points.

Data has become the Lifeblood of all Enterprises today

“Springbot is dedicated to providing the products and services that SMB retailers need to level the playing field,” said Erika Jolly Brookes, CMO of Springbot. “This integration with Smile.io gives our merchants a powerful new way to strengthen their customer relationships and use the resulting data within the system they already use to manage their marketing programs.”

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