Speech analysis transforms many aspects of business, and is particularly beneficial to any sales-oriented organization. Zadarma, better known as one of the world’s leading VoIP providers, also offers recognition and analysis function. speech intelligence as part of its incredibly easy to use and highly affordable telecommunications offering. The tool enables a computer to identify and respond to human speech: the recorded voice is transcribed into text using neural networks and sound models that even take into account and accommodate different languages. Zadarma’s voice recognition analysis function turns every internal or external call and conversation into a rich and structured data source to fuel business intelligence.

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Improved customer experience and satisfaction

This is one of the main reasons why call centers were among the early adopters of speech analysis technology. By allowing their teams to mine and analyze audio data, they were able to detect emotion, tone and stress in a customer’s voice. Managers and call center team members can quickly identify a customer’s needs, wants and expectations, and assess the effectiveness of their interactions in meeting them.

Better return on investment

Speech analytics can deliver a fast and impressive return on investment (ROI) through a higher sales conversion rate and reduced time and cost of delivering call center services. The introduction of speech analysis often provides a welcome reduction in the cost of unnecessary callbacks. Call centers can be more efficient because they are able to take a data-driven operational decision-making approach. The savings can be endless due to lower quality assurance and control costs, and often the cost per call due to the speed and efficiency of call handling and reduced handoffs.

Faster feedback and communication

Speech analysis can also stimulate growth by speeding up the communication cycle. By analyzing which conversations, phrases, and techniques lead to more sales, teams can refine and focus their efforts on what works best. With faster feedback and better understanding, sales conversion rates naturally increase.

Speech analysis not only automates a whole series of internal processes, but it can also fundamentally speed up any business operation. Zadarma partners with leading voice recognition specialists to provide premium service with incredible accuracy. Speech recognition analysis is a great tool that can help businesses improve performance and quickly improve customer experience. Why not take advantage of the free recognition minutes that Zadarma is offering until March 2021, to test the effectiveness of speech recognition scans on your sales team’s performance and productivity today.