SparkPost Expands Its IntelliSeeds™ Data Network to Deliver the Most Reliable, Expansive Real-Time Email Deliverability Insights in the World

SparkPost Expands Its IntelliSeeds™ Data Network to Deliver the Most Reliable_ Expansive Real-Time Email Deliverability Insights in the World (1)

Empowers Digital Marketers with Improved Deliverability and Data Accuracy For Stronger Communications Performance; Global Reach Far Exceeds Other Market Offerings

SparkPost, the world’s largest email delivery and analytics engine that delivers nearly 40 percent of the world’s email, today announced it expanded its IntelliSeeds™ email data to include an additional 24 ISPs. Now firmly into Europe, their reach includes PolandFrance, Germany Hungary, and coverage in China and Korea. This expansion delivers marketers easier access to email data insights, all the while ensuring a real-time, accurate and global look at email performance data. Ultimately, the expanded IntelliSeeds™ network allows marketers to better understand how their global email communications are performing, making it easier to spot problem areas and make adjustments to improve deliverability, customer experiences, and affect the bottom-line.

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Launched in 2019, SparkPost’s IntelliSeeds™ wasn’t developed as a replacement for traditional data seeds. Instead, it works in concert with them, providing a more comprehensive and sophisticated view of email data performance metrics by combining IntelliSeeds™ with traditional seeds and permissioned panel data in a single view. While traditional seedlists are a well-established solution, they have trouble capturing accurate data from providers like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Microsoft Outlook, who have moved to a more engagement-based AI-driven filtering. IntelliSeeds™ provides the reach that’s expected with traditional seeds, but unlike traditional seedlists, is able to capture data that mimics human behavior through the use of AI.

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SparkPost was and is committed to working with large email providers to deliver solutions that empower digital marketers with data flexibility and ways to capture and activate data insights at lower or even fixed costs. Currently, through IntelliSeeds™, 75 percent of SparkPost customers have 87 percent of their lists data captured – far more than what any other email deliverability technology provider offers.

“Email performance and intelligence is critical to an organization’s ability to know how well they’re meeting the needs of their audiences. Having only partial access to email performance data undercuts an organization’s ability to truly understand their impact or identify the areas that need to be prioritized,” said George Schlossnagle, Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist at SparkPost. “Today’s expanded IntelliSeeds™ network is a big step in solving this problem, and now includes insight into key international markets that traditionally have tighter data privacy rules. It will give email marketers the information they need, without compromising consumer privacy. It will change the way they look at outbound communications and the recipient experience they can deliver.”