Sparkling Ice® Embarks on New Era of Campaign Excellence with Dynamic Creative & Media Buying Agencies

Sparkling Ice® Embarks on New Era of Campaign Excellence with Dynamic Creative & Media Buying Agencies

Sparkling Ice®, the #1 bestselling sparkling water brand, is excited to announce its newest collaboration with two industry powerhouses, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners (RTO+P), a leading advertising agency and MRM Media, a full-service global media agency, signaling a transformative chapter in the brand’s journey.

RTO+P will drive the creative campaign executions, crafting compelling narratives and visual content for the beverage brand. In concert, MRM Media will harness its deep understanding of consumer behavior and media trends to precisely identify the most relevant and effective media strategy for Sparkling Ice. This strategic partnership with two trailblazers in the advertising and marketing industry marks a decisive stride toward the company’s evolutionary journey.

“We are thrilled to welcome RTO+P and MRM Media as our chosen agencies as we chart the path forward for Sparkling Ice,” said Sarah Gustat, Executive Vice President of Marketing. “This strategic alliance signifies a pivotal moment for our brand, and we eagerly anticipate the innovative content and activations Sparkling Ice will introduce in the near future.”

“In partnering with RTO+P and MRM, we will bring a fresh, new look to the Sparkling Ice brand. I’m confident this partnership will help capture and catapult the boundless potential of Sparkling Ice,” said Ken Sylvia, Chief Executive Officer at Talking Rain Beverage Company. “We are committed to supporting and growing the #1 sparkling water in the US by creating meaningful connections with new and loyal consumers. This partnership will undoubtedly magnify our ongoing efforts.”

RTO+P boasts a track record of delivering exceptional and impactful campaigns that have consistently resonated with consumers. Leveraging this expertise, Sparkling Ice is primed to harness the immense potential of engaging campaigns. In parallel, MRM Media’s proficiency in data-driven strategies will furnish Sparkling Ice with invaluable insights. Through this unified collaboration of these two agencies, the Sparkling Ice brand is set to seamlessly transition into the forefront of innovation, solidifying its standing as the premier sparkling water brand.

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“Sparkling Ice is a singular brand that combines tremendous success with the highest aspirations. They are bold thinkers and relentlessly hard-chargers, and we’re stoked to help take them into bright new frontiers,” said Steve Red, President & Co-CCO, RTO+P.

“Sparkling Ice is the defining brand in the ever-expanding sparking beverage market, and we are excited to build out a media approach that maintains and builds on its category-leading position,” said Katerina Sudit, Global Chief Media Officer, MRM Media. “Our strategy is focused on finding the right times, places and contexts for the brand to show up authentically and organically. The team here is energized and excited to work in partnership with Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners to cement this venerable brand into culture at this pivotal moment in its journey.”

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