Spaceback Announces Strategic Partnership With Eyeo

Spaceback Announces Strategic Partnership With Eyeo

Spaceback’s Social Display Platform to Help Advertisers Deliver Better Ad Experiences to over 200 Million Internet Users through eyeo’s Acceptable Ads

Spaceback, the creator of Social Display advertising, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with eyeo, the German-based company behind the launch of the Acceptable Ads standards. As part of the partnership, Spaceback will become the first creative platform to generate digital advertising creative that adhere to the Acceptable Ads standards, thereby enabling marketers to reach over 200 million unique users not otherwise accessible today. For its part, Spaceback’s one-of-a-kind Social Display platform, which brings together the experience of social media marketing and the efficient reach of programmatic advertising, already meets the Acceptable Ads standards for respectful, nonintrusive, and relevant digital advertising.

The partnership with eyeo’s Acceptable Ads means that buyers using Spaceback can access unique online advertising inventory at scale at an even better price point than the open market without sacrificing creative engagement. This is especially helpful following the Facebook ad boycott as Spaceback can assist advertisers, brands and publishers to deliver a better user-experience outside the Walled Garden.

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“We started Spaceback to improve the user-experience in digital advertising,” said Casey Saran, CEO and co-founder of Spaceback. “Our partnership with eyeo takes this to the next level by offering digital marketers a way to deliver superior user-experiences to entirely unique audiences who are otherwise difficult to reach.”

As part of the partnership, Spaceback will also receive a strategic investment from eyeo to expand global marketing and sales efforts.

Till Faida, CEO of eyeo said, “More and more advertisers are acknowledging that Acceptable Ads respects user choice while at the same time delivering a good advertising impact. Acceptable Ads is a great compromise between the interests of users, advertisers and publishers and we are happy to give even more companies the option to use Acceptable Ads through our collaboration with Spaceback.”

What is Social Display?

Spaceback introduced the first automated creative platform to give advertisers, brands, and publishers the best of both worlds across social and display advertising through a new channel called Social Display. Social Display brings together the user experience of social media marketing and the efficient reach of display advertising allowing buyers to take branded experiences from social platforms like Facebook, and distribute them across a much wider slice of the Internet through standard display placements.

Moreover, Spaceback’s Social Display solution integrates with leading DSPs, such as Google Display & Video 360, MediaMath, and others, to offer massive scale across a buyer’s targeted audiences, allowing them to fill the sizable gaps between Facebook (including Instagram) and everywhere else on the Web. With Social Display, buyers can reach a bigger audience, drive higher engagement, diversify their online ad content and it ultimately works better. TheRealReal found Social Display to be 5x more effective than standard banners. Similarly, Netherrealm Gaming saw a 165% increase in CTR over traditional display media.