South Reach Networks Leverages Connected2Fiber Platform to Enhance Marketing Intelligence for its Florida Fiber Network

South Reach Networks Leverages Connected2Fiber Platform to Enhance Marketing Intelligence for its Florida Fiber Network

South Reach Networks (SRN), an established Florida based telecommunications infrastructure provider that constructs, owns and operates a Metro and Long-Haul Fiber Optic Network and Carrier Class Data Centers, announces today its partnership with Connected2Fiber, the location engagement platform for network buyers and sellers. SRN will utilize The Connected World platform to intelligently automate the process of identifying serviceable locations and corresponding direct sales activities for expanding its 400+ mile underground metro and long haul fiber network along the east coast of Florida.

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“South Reach Networks sought to build and understand the marketing sizing potential for our Florida fiber network, and we felt that Connected2Fiber offers one of the most accurate platforms to best suit these needs and understand our current and future near net strategy,” comments Michael Sevret, President of South Reach Networks. “The Connected2Fiber leadership team has a long history and knowledge in the fiber infrastructure space, and most importantly, they understand SRN’s footprint and business, which makes us very pleased with our choice to utilize The Connected World platform.”

At its core, The Connected World platform is powered by best-in-class location intelligence, curating data on over 350 million commercial buildings, 5,800 networks, and 16 million tenants to accurately map each location and provide insight into the networks that serve it and tenants that reside in it.

“As South Reach Networks expands its network, spanning more than 400 miles and complete with direct routes into its carrier-class and neutral data centers, the advanced location-based data insight that Connected2Fiber offers is integral for the company’s long-term growth strategy,” explains Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. “This intelligence essentially creates a ‘digital market blueprint,’ feeding all plan-to-price applications in the platform to help network providers like SRN drive sustainable revenue growth. We are very excited to have them on board and be part of the company’s ongoing success.”

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“Connected2Fiber has a dedicated team who is hands-on and provides real-time support,” continues Sevret. “Additionally, the company constantly invests into its platform, which results in ‘fresh data’ to accompany our analysis and fosters an invaluable ecosystem marketplace in which we can do business with other members. As South Reach Networks continues to grow our network footprint, we will always look to Connected2Fiber to be our market intel platform.”