SOCIALHOSE.IO Announces Enterprise Social Listening Tools

SOCIALHOSE IO Announces Enterprise Social Listening Tools-01

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing has really changed – but everything did. People still work hard, read emails, go to “meetings,” shop, and the list goes on. The pandemic has only pushed the “fast forward” button of the online world, the internet of things and the virtual everything. SOCIALHOSE.IO, a social listening agency, makes listening affordable to smaller businesses looking for enterprise-level solutions needed to keep up with the pace of today’s business environment.

Although companies and marketers work hard to sell products and services with tens of marketing and advertising emails on a daily basis, trying to catch up in the new virtual world, they often fall short of understanding exactly what their customers need or want and, thus, communication becomes less effective. That is where SOCIALHOSE.IO is most needed – to give brands the tools to get the insights they need to communicate more effectively, helping them both see and analyze sentiment, trends and reputation, among other things.

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Algorithms, offers, DIY platforms, applications, websites, money spent on campaigns, media and content can crumble the second a teenager posts a video on TikTok, getting millions of views. Meanwhile, television commercials, radio ads and even online campaigns go unnoticed with skip mode or get flushed with the break. People are paying money to avoid advertising that is not built on knowing exactly what customers need.

Working, and coming up with solutions that answer today’s challenges, is not enough anymore. Hitting the fast forward button is a matter of do or die. The way brands think about online marketing and brand reputation, starting with the way they listen to online conversations, is how their brands will survive. That is why having the right tools is essential.

Mo Elzubeir, CEO at SOCIALHOSE.IO, explains: “The pandemic has created a present and urgent need for enterprise-level business tools without the unnecessary friction.”

Having the exact data is the starting point, but controlling the flood of data has become more challenging. The volume of information available has become so overwhelming that without the right tools to capture and understand it, it is useless. With SOCIALHOSE.IO, a flexible, affordable social media tracking platform, brands, marketers and business owners can listen and take charge of how their brands are perceived by consumers, journalists and influencers.

“What we have done is create a bite-sized menu of tools and resources from social listening to consumer insights. This allows our pricing to be aligned with our customers throughout their different growth stages,” continues Elzubeir.