Social Gifting Platform Gift.Me Launches to Empower Influencers to Receive Gifts from Fans Directly Without Sharing Private Information

Social Gifting Platform Gift.Me Launches to Empower Influencers to Receive Gifts from Fans Directly Without Sharing Private Information

Gift.Me, a social gifting platform that allows influencers to earn rewards from fans through customized wishlists, today announced the launch of its direct to consumer website to consumers worldwide.

The site is launching with a catalogue of more than 10,000 best-selling and luxury products, including selections from top brands such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi, YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford, Ferragamo and Burberry, as well as Godiva chocolates, Nike sneakers, Michael Kors watches, and more.

Unlike other wishlist offerings on the market, Gift.Me enables users to easily buy and receive gifts while ensuring that all personal information, such as names, home addresses, and apparel sizes, remains private and secure through data proxies and encryption.

Gift.Me accepts credit, debit, and prepaid card payments for all of the items listed on the site, and plans to add cryptocurrency as a payment option in the coming months.

“People not only flocked to social media to safely interact with friends during the pandemic, but also to earn another source of income by monetizing content on platforms exploding in popularity like TikTok and OnlyFans,” said Ruben Buell, COO of Gift.Me.

“With Gift.Me, we set out to create a sleek and secure user experience that catered to the needs of the growing influencer market, and to empower their fans to reward them with gifts in appreciation of their content. Now you can turn your content into a Prada bag or Dior sunglasses by simply sharing your wishlist in your bio.”

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To streamline the gifting process, Gift.Me allows influencers to add desired items into their wishlist from its curated selection of best-selling items and luxury products from top brands.

Once a wishlist is complete, the influencer can share their wishlist URL across their social channels, making it very easy for fans and followers to reward them by sending gifts for a birthday or other special occasion, or just because. Additionally, every time an influencer receives a gift, they will receive an extra store credit to apply to future purchases.

Gift.Me is powered by the same platform developed by its parent company RealGifts, the gift shop plugin that facilitated real gifts in 2009-2010 for Facebook Gift Shop across more than 100 million US-based user profiles. Gift.Me has been live in beta since January 2021, with more than 30 thousand daily active users on the platform, and is launching to users worldwide today.

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