Snapchat and Alter Agents Unveil New Data Proving Correlation Between Emotion and Brand Receptivity


Snap, Inc. and Alter Agents today released the findings of new research on how positive emotions, built through close relationships with family and friends, impact overall brand receptivity. Building on previous neuroscience research that showed that people are happier when using Snapchat due to connections with others, this new study explores how this positive environment translates to higher, longer-lasting ad receptivity and better brand outcomes.

“Our research has shown time and time again that people feel happier, safer, closer to others, and more able to be themselves when engaging with Snapchat,” said Alexander Dao, Global Head of Agency Development & Sales Partnerships, Snap Inc. “With this new study, we wanted to explore whether or not these emotions make individuals more receptive to branded content and ads. What we found is that the high level of engagement Snapchatters display when connecting with family and friends translates into high engagement and better business outcomes for brands.”

Alter Agents conducted the global study among more than 10,000 respondents, ages 13-49, across eight countries, including the United StatesUnited Kingdom, France, Germany, Kingdom of Saudi Arabiathe NetherlandsAustralia and India. Using in-context exposure and other survey elements to evaluate emotional state when using social apps, the study tested the impact of positive emotional states on key brand outcomes.

Some findings from the research in the United States included:

  • Stronger feelings of connection while using Snapchat produce a higher likelihood of Snapchatters recommending the brands they see to others, delivering 4.5 times more brand recommendations than other platforms.
  • Advertising on Snapchat benefits both short-term and long-term brand metrics, including higher lift in brand favorability (8%), and stronger feelings of happiness while using Snapchat increased purchase likelihood by 1.7 times when compared to competitor apps.
  • Brands that advertise on Snapchat are viewed as 4.8 times more current and 1.6 times more relatable than when advertised on competitors.

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Study data reveals a strong correlation between the consumers’ emotional state and brand reception. Emotions such as happiness, creativity, joy and connection influence how people view both the brands and ads, with Snapchatters seeing brands as more relatable and less dated, and ads as more positive and playful than competition. This positively impacts key metrics such as recall, awareness, purchase intent, recommendations and overall brand engagement.

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