SmartBug Media® Becomes a Vidyard Implementation Certified Partner

SmartBug Media® Becomes a Vidyard Implementation Certified Partner-01

Leveraging its expertise in remote work and capitalizing on the significant shift to video as a strategic sales and marketing tool, SmartBug Media® has become an Implementation Certified partner with Vidyard, a leading online video platform with robust integration capabilities. The partnership aligns SmartBug’s® award-winning video capabilities with Vidyard’s world-class video platform to enhance engagement and revenue across SmartBug’s growing customer base.

As businesses have adjusted to remote work settings over the past year and have had to find creative ways to stay connected, video has become a go-to technology, not only as a workplace tool but also as an alternative to in-person sales and marketing opportunities. Marketing teams are expanding their use of video to help connect with their audiences and explain complex ideas, while sales teams are embracing personalized video messages as a new way to connect with customers when they can’t be there in person. SmartBug clients now have access to Vidyard’s solutions combined with SmartBug’s certified implementation team that focuses on unlocking the full potential of video as a core component of their sales and marketing strategy.

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“Working with our clients to realize the full potential of video and to implement a growth-focused platform like Vidyard ensures that we are offering our clients the latest, most dynamic tools to grow their business,” said SmartBug Founder and CEO Ryan Malone. “Complementing our industry-leading sales, marketing, and revenue operations expertise, this certification forms an even closer partnership between our companies and accelerates our customers’ potential to benefit from video in their  sales and marketing efforts.”

SmartBug’s partnership with Vidyard provides its clients with a huge opportunity to offer revenue operations services by focusing on a truly integrated tech stack and ensuring that video is no longer looked at as a standalone component, but rather a core component of a growth-focused strategy. The Vidyard platform integrates into industry-leading CRMs such as HubSpot and Salesforce, and SmartBug is fully certified to bring this vision to life on behalf of its clients, aligning video with its other core services.

“As the industry-leading video platform powering HubSpot Video, we are thrilled to be working closely with SmartBug Media, one of HubSpot’s leading and highest-rated agency partners around the world,” said Vidyard’s VP of Marketing, Tyler Lessard. “As the role of video expands across marketing and sales teams, SmartBug Media will help businesses implement a strategy that encompasses content, distribution, analytics, and reporting using best-of-breed video hosting and video creation tools.”