Skillshot Media Partners With Reely, Bringing Real-Time AI Technology to Esports Event Productions

Skillshot Media Partners With Reely_ Bringing Real-Time AI Technology to Esports Event Productions-01 first commercialized its Machine Vision + AI technology in the collegiate sports market in the Fall of 2019. Seeing a massive opportunity to use its proprietary real-time stream analysis and distribution tool in the esports and gaming world, has partnered with Skillshot Media, a leader in organizing and producing live esports events.

“We’ve been interested in the gaming space for some time but our focus was primarily collegiate and professional sports,” says Reely CEO Daniel Evans. “When most live sports were canceled in the Spring of 2020, we upgraded our tech to handle the massive scale in gaming and teamed up with Skillshot to start training our models and scoring algorithms accordingly.”

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The new partnership gives Skillshot the ability to push top moments from its competitive esports events to social channels in near real time using AI-based automation. As content is pushed out from the platform, Reely automatically includes event logos and sponsorships, ensuring all content is consistent and meets brand and sponsor guidelines.

“We met the Reely team early last fall as they were working to extend their capabilities to esports. We definitely saw the potential even then and we’re thrilled to now have these new tools for our productions. Our fans will love getting exciting moments in their hands quickly to share with friends, add their own commentary or just replay the action,” said Todd Harris, founder at Skillshot Media.

The Reely platform currently supports primarily multiplayer competitive titles such as Valorant, Fortnite, Warzone, and Rocket League and top sports titles like FIFA, Madden, and NBA2K. “We were able to port most of the traditional sports models to their gaming counterparts without a lot of tuning, which just goes to show you how well EA and others have replicated the physical sport,” added Evans.

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