Simplr Partners with Gorgias, Creating an eCommerce Stack Designed to Empower CX Leaders to Generate Revenue and Loyalty

Simplr Partners with Gorgias, Creating an eCommerce Stack Designed to Empower CX Leaders to Generate Revenue and Loyalty

Simplr, a human-first, machine-enabled customer experience solution, has partnered with Gorgias to provide eCommerce brands with a customer service stack that is custom-built to turn contact centers into revenue drivers via 24/7 rapid-response digital customer engagement.

Gorgias is the only eCommerce-specific customer service helpdesk built for brands on Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Gorgias centralizes customer support, integrating email, chat, phone, SMS, Facebook and Instagram all in one place, allowing customer support agents a holistic customer view and the benefit of automation and machine learning to respond to inquiries without losing personalization.

“We’re extremely excited to partner with Simplr to help eCommerce brands provide exceptional always-on service to customers around the clock,” said Billy McClennan, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Gorgias. “When customers are shopping online, they expect answers to their questions now, not later. And if they don’t get those answers, brands risk losing them as a customer and, ultimately, losing revenue.”

With the benefit of Simplr’s AI-enabled, highly-vetted customer service specialists who provide always-on, and on-brand, customer service across all digital channels, the Simplr/Gorgias partnership allows eCommerce brands to:

  • Provide 24/7/365 customer service: Simplr enables brands to engage every pre-sale conversation, even if it’s happening at midnight, ensuring no customer is left feeling neglected and no brand misses a revenue opportunity.
  • Convert more site visitors into customers: Prospective customers get their questions answered professionally and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts.
  • Drive more repeat purchases and increase customer lifetime value: The prevalence of online shopping options makes it easy for consumers to jump tabs and find competitor products when questions go unanswered. With industry leading response times over all digital channels, Simplr can keep customers loyal and increase engagement.

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The Gorgias/Simplr Partnership in Action: Princess Polly
Princess Polly is an Australian-based online fashion boutique. The global brand has undergone tremendous growth since its founding in 2010, and has become a go-to spot for young women to shop the newest looks. Princess Polly has relied on the Simplr/Gorgias partnership as the core of their CX stack to provide exceptional service to customers, and maximize revenue.

  • Live chat is staffed 24/7, helping to drive more conversions and more repeat customers, thanks to 90% of response times coming in under 30 seconds- including at peak browsing hours (8pm-12am). The ability to scale live chat resulted in a significant decrease in phone volume, realizing a cost savings in the most expensive customer service channel to staff and maintain, and freeing up the Princess Polly team to respond quicker to higher priority inquiries.
  • Princess Polly is better able to maximize the revenue they are able to capture, with the fashion brand seeing 17% conversion rate on Simplr-assisted purchases (2X higher than their previous average)
  • Due to fast response times and exceptional service, the repurchase rate of someone who was engaged by an agent was 7 points higher than those of customers who were not engaged.

“Together, Gorgias and Simplr provide eCommerce brands with the ideal customer experience stack to turn their contact center into a revenue driver by engaging visitors around the clock with rapid exceptional service that converts them into loyal customers,” said Billy McClennan, Director of Strategic Partnerships of Gorgias.

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