Simon Data Taps Veteran Global Sales and Services Executive Anita Absey for New CRO Position

Simon Data

Simon Data, the market-leading platform provider that delivers the next generation of personalized customer experiences for customer-obsessed brands, has named Anita Absey as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). Anita brings a wealth of experience in helping global brands align their sales and marketing initiatives and meet the overall objectives of the business. She has served as CRO at LRN Corporation, Voxy and division president for consumer insights at Return Path, the leader in email deliverability, where she spent 15-years. In her new role, Anita will join Simon’s executive team to scale the company’s sales, marketing, and customer success functions in response to overwhelming demand.

Simon Data is on a mission to reshape the way global brands engage with their customers. As sales and marketing teams look to engage in a more personalized manner, brands need to have a clear picture of who their customers are, and what they really need. By connecting online and offline experiences and leveraging data science, Simon Data’s data unification and campaign orchestration platform let brands turn data into remarkable customer experiences.

“I couldn’t be happier to be joining Simon Data at this stage of the company’s growth trajectory,” said Anita Absey. “Simon Data has seen a spike in demand for its platform and supporting solutions, and is helping some of the most well-known global brands engage with their customers in new, personalized ways. I look forward to working with the team here as we give our customers efficient solutions for delivering remarkable personalized experiences which grow their businesses.”

Simon Data enables brands to deliver incredible customer experiences everywhere. Through its customer data platform, Simon Data’s customers leverage all of their data to effortlessly create powerful personalized experiences. With the increasing amount of channels and digital technologies available to marketing teams today, it is imperative that they have a single source of truth on which to base their campaigns.

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“Simon Data is at a point where we need to think differently about the way we engage our customers, prospects, and partners as the market continues to expand and new technologies are introduced to marketers,” said Jason Davis, CEO and co-founder of Simon Data. “Anita is a transformational leader who is an expert at aligning everything we have to give to the needs of our customers. I look forward to her bringing our vision of modern customer experiences to the larger market.”