Shout! Factory Selects Whip Media Group’s CVM Platform To Drive Growth


Whip Media Group, which offers the leading data-driven content value management platform powering the world’s largest entertainment organizations, today announced that Shout! Factory, a multi-platform media company, will use Whip Media’s solution to provide real-time performance data to partners.

Since 2003, Shout! Factory has built a solid reputation as a preeminent multiplatform distributor and content producer that acquires, develops, and markets movies, TV series, and other pop culture programming across traditional and emerging platforms worldwide. From its start releasing and reviving beloved cult films and classic TV series to the present day, Shout! has developed an uncanny ability to rediscover and repackage great content and produce and distribute new releases that set the bar for independent entertainment. Shout’s digital transactional business is growing at a rapid pace, along with their number of licensed movies and series, and global distribution partners. As a result of this growth, Shout! was looking for a solution that would provide content performance tracking.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Shout! Factory to unlock the power of their data and digital catalog, drive revenue, and improve their decision-making capabilities,” said Carol Hanley, Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer of Whip Media Group.

“Shout! Factory has a deep library of movies, series, and new original content which we distribute across multiple transactional platforms. As we embark on another year of tremendous growth in our EST/IVOD businesses, our new partnership with Whip Media enables us to integrate our performance tracking in real-time and deepen our understanding of how our content engages with viewers across multiple platforms. We look forward to getting that data on digital transactions and consumer insights from Whip Media,” stated David Landau, Associate Vice President of Sales at Shout! Factory.