Shipment Transparency for Customers and Fulfillment Centers with New Feature from ShipHero

Shipment Transparency for Customers and Fulfillment Centers with New Feature from ShipHero

PackShot by ShipHero adds another layer of transparency in the retail supply chain

ShipHero – the leading shipping and logistics provider for over 5,000 direct-to-consumer, e-commerce brands – is pleased to announce PackShot, a new feature for third-party logistics partners designed to offer end-to-end transparency in the retail supply chain.

PackShot by ShipHero is the first feature of its kind. Before even printing a shipping label, packers can take a snapshot of each package and its contents, using a small camera mounted above each packaging scale in the warehouse. ShipHero customers gain visibility into how the package was assembled, and recipients will understand how their product left the facilities. At most, ShipHero’s competitors take photos of the package once it’s delivered. Each package has a long journey to reach a customer, from picking and packing to shipping it. This tool provides full transparency and acts as a cost-effective solution for e-commerce brands.

All of ShipHero’s warehouses are enabled to support this new technology immediately. A new button will appear in ShipHero’s Packing App that allows warehouse packers to simply scan a barcode or click the button to take a picture of the package. Once taken, the photos and order details are always visible from the shipments section in ShipHero’s app.

ShipHero CEO and Co-Founder Aaron Rubin explains: “At ShipHero, we take time to listen to our clients’ needs and then build tools that set them up for success. We’ve always been a customer-first company and PackShot is yet another example of how we continue to provide solutions that save time and money on both ends of the supply chain. We’re proud to be the first to bring a tool like this to market.”

PackShot joins ShipHero’s shipping carrier scoring tool, ShipScore, as a duo of features that address key pain points in the retail supply chain. For the first time, customers will have the ability to see exactly what is put inside their package. This puts the customer and fulfillment center on a level-playing field, something no other shipping company provides.

About ShipHero
ShipHero is a US based, leading provider of cloud-based e-commerce fulfillment solutions that enables online retailers and third-party logistics providers to ship more efficiently. With more than 5,000 customers, ShipHero offers online retailers a suite of services ranging from warehouse management software to outsourced fulfillment as a service. Notable customers include Mars, Universal Music Group and Canadian Tire. ShipHero is the official fulfillment network partner for Shopify, and is rapidly scaling a network of warehouses to meet the growing demands of online retailers.