Shatterproof Launches Bare Your Heart Campaign

Shatterproof Launches Bare Your Heart Campaign

Addiction is a medical condition impacting millions of individuals and their loved ones every day. Oftentimes, their journeys are captured personally and quietly through body art. Launching as part of Overdose Awareness Week, Shatterproof invites anyone with tattoos inspired by addiction, recovery or the loss of a loved one to share the story behind their body art through a campaign called Bare Your Heart. This video-based campaign uses the power of storytelling to reach others on their journeys through addiction and recovery by highlighting unique, intricate and bold forms of self-expression and triumph.

Led by Shatterproof, a national nonprofit organization focused on guiding communities, removing systemic barriers to recovery, mobilizing the country to advocate for change, and ending addiction stigma in the U.S., Bare Your Heart is a campaign that will raise awareness about the impact of addiction with new digital audiences. Beyond personal significance, tattoos in addiction recovery are visible signs of solidarity and support within the sober community and demonstrate that a person is a survivor. These shared marks foster a sense of belonging, encouraging individuals to connect and share their stories with others who have embarked on a similar path.

With the launch of Bare Your Heart, Shatterproof is partnering with influencer and TikToker, Lonni Pike, who has more than 30 tattoos and uses her platform to challenge the stereotypes placed on women in their fifties with tattoos. Additionally, Shatterproof is partnering with Yves Mathieu, activist, model and life-long volunteer who has multiple tattoos. He considers his tattoos “a memory museum of his life,” including the numbers 1-11 on his face which represent his years of sobriety.

More than 46 million people ages 12 and older identify as having a substance use disorder (SUD). Last year, nearly 300 people passed away each day due to drug overdose that is 12 people an hour. Additionally, nearly half of young adults ages 18-25 had either a SUD or a mental illness in the past year, according to SAMSHA and the National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Bare Your Heart aims to encourage individuals between the ages of 18-45 to share their stories of addiction and recovery in their own words to help reach others who are in active addiction.

With a goal of raising awareness about addiction and showing the diverse community of people who are impacted through video clips from real people, Bare Your Heart allows individuals to create connections and bring substance use disorders (SUDs) out of the darkness and into the light. Throughout the recovery process, tattoos have emerged as a unique and expressive form of storytelling, providing individuals with a tangible representation of their transformative journeys.

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“Through the Bare Your Heart campaign, we aim to celebrate the incredible power of self-expression and storytelling embodied in tattoos. Each tattoo tells a unique narrative, revealing the profound connection individuals have with addiction, recovery and overcoming adversity,” says Kirsten Suto Seckler, chief marketing and communications officer for Shatterproof. “By sharing these intimate stories, we hope to raise awareness, break down stigmas, and inspire compassion and understanding. Together, we can make a lasting impact and promote a culture of healing and recovery.”

Tattoos representing commitment and determination serve as potent reminders of the recovery process, empowering individuals to confront their past and embrace a new chapter in life. As a result of sharing stories of resilience, recovery and personal growth, Shatterproof hopes that individuals can serve as role models, offering hope and encouragement to others facing similar challenges.

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