The 60 Minute Startup was released on November 7th, 2019. The book features a step-by-step blueprint on how to build a sustainable business in only one hour per day and acquire your first paying customer in thirty days or less. This claim is supported by overwhelmingly positive reviews and its position at the top of several best-seller lists.

The book showcases a hand-picked group of entrepreneurs already successful in their respective fields who share their secret strategies to rapid startup growth, conquering the competition, and bringing ongoing abundance into your life. It’s divided into chapters representing each day over a thirty-day time frame in which the reader will use to build their business day-by-day.

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Joshua Lisec contributed a chapter titled, “Day 23: Want Customers? Borrow Someone Else’s,” referring to his Other People Audiences strategy. Joshua used OPA to build a book ghostwriting empire. Rio Rocket contributed to the chapter titled, “Day 25: Going Where Your Customers Already Are.” Rio is a successful digital marketing and branding expert who is also experiencing success as an actor, writer, and motivational speaker.

One reader describes the book: “The author found my sweet spot in terms of explaining things clearly, in a step-by-step format so that I know exactly what I should be doing each day…I’m elated that it’s here now.”

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Ramesh has made recent media appearances since release on Fox Talks Business, Join Up Dots, Confessions of a CEO, Going Solo, Digital Savage Experience, and others. He’s now available for public speaking, radio and lives television show appearances for business-minded audiences.

The book is now available in audio format on, narrated by Megha Dontha, Ramesh’s first daughter. His second daughter Nidhi has composed a theme song that will be used as a creative medium to help young entrepreneurs connect to the book.

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