Sentrics Launches Ensure360(SM) Platform with Integrated Contact Tracing and Case Management to Deliver a Powerful Life Safety Solution That Modernizes the Industry

Sentrics Launches Ensure360(SM) Platform with Integrated Contact Tracing and Case Management to Deliver a Powerful Life Safety Solution That Modernizes the Industry

Sentrics Holdings, LLC., today announced that its newest platform, Ensure360SM, which includes contact tracing and case management, is now available to help senior living communities keep residents safe, improve caregiver efficiency and reduce the risk of adverse events, including COVID-19 and other contagions. The robust solution combines sensors and sophisticated emergency call equipment with real time location services, contact tracing and case management to give community leaders, regional directors and corporate executives the tools to keep residents and employees safe and healthy. A key part of Ensure360 is its integrated data tracking and analysis that predicts adverse events and alerts staff so that they can act proactively to prevent them.

“While the healthcare and senior living industries were already on a crash course to converge, the progress was slow because it required communities to piecemeal a complete solution,” said Darin LeGrange, CEO of Sentrics. “Ensure360 integrates the critical life safety technology that every community needs with sophisticated location services and AI-based analytics to help predict and prevent an adverse event. By integrating contact tracing and case management, these same communities can also identify and manage acute and chronic health conditions. The value proposition is the ability to improve care, reduce staff burden, and reduce overall risk, while easing family concerns.”

Sentrics, is the emerging technology leader in the senior living industry. Last fall, it announced the comprehensive, data-driven software suite Sentrics360SM to create a 360-degree view—physical, medical, social and behavioral—of the wellbeing of each resident. This game-changing suite integrates life safety, emergency call, contact tracing and case management; 3-in-1 entertainment; whole-health engagement; and AI-based insights to help communities nationwide transform into more sophisticated, clinically oriented, risk-management businesses. Ensure360 provides the critical life safety platform that makes this transformation possible and includes technology from industry veterans Ciscor and Silversphere.

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Ensure360 provides key capabilities that every senior living community needs to thrive in both traditional and clinically oriented, risk-based models:

  • Uses state-of-the art life safety
    • Includes eCall with built-in alarm generation and management
    • Provides active and passive assurance checks
    • Adapts to norms and protocols with an integrated rules engine
    • Enables alarm interaction from desk-based and mobile devices
  • Leverages real time location services
    • Knows the location of residents and staff
    • Enables geofencing
    • Leverages location management protocols to minimize potentially combative situations
    • Allows alarm resets only within a set proximity
    • Locates residents quickly
    • Tracks socialization
  • Performs contact tracing for a community in minutes using your defined parameters including
    • Select resident or team member
    • Choose date range
    • Define contact level and duration
    • See multiple connection levels and drill into details of individual exposure and risk
  • Automates case management protocols so you can
    • Report individual, community, regional and corporate-level reporting on exposure, management steps and risk
    • Define and manage protocols for individuals and communities
    • See timelines based on exposure, cases, and applied protocols
  • Prevents infection spread by allowing you to
    • Define geofences to help isolate residents
    • Set room occupancy limits to facilitate social distancing
    • Alert caregivers automatically
  • Delivers sophisticated connectivity and troubleshooting
    • Uses a self-connecting and self-healing network
    • Provides remote support and automated updates to future-proof the technology
  • Provides data insights and reporting
    • Collects data from light, barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, motion, and location sensors; pendants; and integrated third-party applications
    • Delivers daily reports to aid workflow
    • Integrates with Enrich360 for predictive analytics including fall prediction

Ensure360 modernizes every senior living community,” said Brian Dawson, General Manager of Ensure360 for Sentrics.” Imagine knowing that your staff members are where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there, getting automatic alerts when two combative residents enter the same room, or letting staff know immediately when a fall-risk resident just left her apartment without her walker. Plug in the contact tracing and case management applications and you can see the power of our new location technology and integrated rules engine. And with built-in remote support and automatic updates, communities will always leverage the most current features. Ensure360 gives senior living operators a powerful tool to improve care, reduce staff burden and give families the peace of mind they need to know they’ve chosen the right community for their loved ones.”

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