Semrush Launches New App Center

Semrush Launches New App Center-01

Leading online visibility management SaaS platform Semrush (NYSE: SEMR) today announces the addition of a new App Center to its fast-growing digital marketing ecosystem.

Semrush App Center includes powerful Semrush-developed products such as Agency Growth Kit, Semrush.Trends, and Semrush Local, as well as third-party vendors, including launch partners Video Rank Tracker by Tubiсs, Mobile App Insights by Mobile Action, Instant Banner Generator by Abyssale and E-commerce Keywords Analytics by Iteora.

“Semrush App Center provides our developer partners access to a massive number of digital marketing communities around the world,” said Semrush Chief Strategy Officer Eugene Levin. “We are thrilled to partner with some of the best digital marketing developers to offer powerful products that integrate with and augment Semrush’s own features to help our users step up their digital marketing game.”

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“Tubics is a leading provider of video SEO solutions and we are excited to offer our platform to Semrush’s customer base,” said Tubics co-founder and CPO Matthias Funk. “The combination of website and video SEO brings great incremental results by allowing clients to track best keywords for ranking on YouTube. Through this partnership, these growth opportunities are now available to all Semrush users.”

All apps featured on the Semrush App Center have been hand-picked and vetted by Semrush, for quality, reliability, interoperability and exclusive subscription pricing for Semrush users. Semrush users benefit from single sign-on to access multiple App Center tools via a single Semrush account. Vendors featured in the App Center are supported through their partnership with Semrush in determining product strategy, integration, and optimal pricing.

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