SEMrush, a leading digital marketing toolkit, introduces new tool: Traffic Jet

SEMrush, digital marketing toolkit, Traffic Jet.
SEMrush, a leading digital marketing toolkit_ introduces new tool Traffic Jet

SEMrush, a leading digital marketing toolkit, announces the launch of a new tool: Traffic Jet. The tool offers considerable advantages for small and medium businesses to generate highly convertible leads and increase sales; agencies to bundle advertising services with current offerings, and affiliates to expand revenue streams.

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Traffic Jet is designed to fully automate traffic acquisition and get instant access to hundreds of premium traffic sources, including Google Search & Display, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Quora, Reddit, and hundreds of other advertising platforms.

“I have seen first-hand the importance of easy-to-use traffic acquisition tools, and believe that Traffic Jet will automate complicated advertising management processes and save the time and resources for other important tasks,” said Eugene Levin, SEMrush Chief Strategy Officer.

Traffic Jet allows users to create, manage, and test all online ads, with only the push of a button. All the user needs to do is specify URL category, target locations, and budget.

SEMrush’s AI-powered technology, using Google Analytics sessions, constantly optimizes users’ campaigns and chooses the best channels. “A tremendous advantage that AI gives to the business is the ability to automate routine processes with the best results using a minimum of time and resources – it only takes 10 seconds to create a campaign with Traffic Jet,” said Eugene Levin.

According to the recent “The state of PPC in 2019-2020” report by the Hanapin agency, 52% of marketers say that machine learning is speeding up their day-to-day work a little, while 32% said it does so a lot.

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According to the same study, an overwhelming majority of respondents said that lack of transparency and lack of control was their biggest worries for the role of AI and machine learning in advertising. Traffic Jet creates all ads automatically with a personalized approach – it gets relevant traffic based on user behavior data.

“It is also important to mention that Traffic Jet’s performance is easy to track, it provides a breakdown of traffic sources and specific campaigns. At the same time, the effectiveness of those campaigns is precisely measured in Google Analytics,” added Eugene.