Seismic and Outreach Partner to Empower Customers with Buyer Insights on Relevant Content Sent from Any Platform

Seismic, Content, Customers

Seismic, the recognized leader in sales and marketing enablement, and Outreach, the leading sales engagement platform, announced a robust product integration that will grant sellers access to hyper-relevant content from Seismic within Outreach email templates and sequences. Sellers and marketers can now gain engagement data from whichever platform a seller chooses to access and send content best suited for that interaction. Whether sellers are engaging via email, CRM, or Outreach, there are no visibility gaps in the way sellers are using content, and the way buyers are reacting to it.

Outreach’s sales engagement software makes it easy for sellers to navigate a complex deal across many touchpoints. Meanwhile, Seismic surfaces the most compelling content for each of those individual touchpoints and prospects via their predictive content functionality, seamlessly adding value to every stage of the conversation without any disruption. Despite sellers leveraging various platforms to communicate with buyers, marketers have access to a comprehensive Seismic dashboard that shows seller and buyer engagement on all sent content.

“Seismic and Outreach’s integration is unique in the way it opens up unprecedented flexibility and visibility for sellers and marketers,” said Doug Winter, CEO, and Co-Founder, Seismic. “Content personalization has been proven as a top success factor for customer and prospect engagement, and this partnership makes that possible from whichever workflow sellers prefer. The corresponding analytics feedback loop makes both sellers and marketers more effective in their roles and establishes the foundation of a cohesive data-driven go-to-market engine.”