Seamless Search-to-Social with Market Reach

Search-to-Social, Market Reach, lead generation, brand marketing solution
Seamless Search-to-Social with Market Reach

Cutting through the clutter of digital home search just got a bit easier for agents and brokers across the country with Market Reach, a new lead generation and brand marketing solution from®.

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As home shoppers consider their next move, the home search is often top-of-mind. Even when they’re not actively searching for listings online, chances are they’re thinking about the process. Market Reach applies behavioral insights from searches on® to help real estate professionals reach these buyers on Facebook and Instagram.

“It takes a lot these days to make a connection that counts, and many of us connect on social media,” said Deepak Thakral,® SVP, Product. “While many agents and brokers spend money on social engagement, these platforms are constantly changing their ad parameters. Market Reach helps agents and brokers stay on top of best practices for digital marketing, targeting home shoppers more effectively on these social platforms.”

Billions of people use Facebook and Instagram every month, but not all of those users are shopping for or selling a home. Market Reach applies® user data to help target people who are actively searching online on® with listing and branding ads on Facebook and Instagram that are relevant to their recent search activity.

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Market Reach also helps listing agents demonstrate value for their home seller clients by increasing exposure to clients’ properties through social media ads.

Professionals can take advantage of features that include:

  • Listing walkthrough video ad: Dynamically generated in real-time, the video automatically pulls in data from the listing description, plus photos and animated 3D graphics, and branding for the listing agent and the brokerage that agent represents.
  • Community video ad: Dynamically generated, this video highlights school data, population demographics, entertainment options, and nearby things to do.
  • Spotlight ad: Personal branding templates to showcase local expertise.
  • Auto-rotation of ads: Exposure for multiple listings. Demonstrates expertise, success, and credibility in the local market. Agents and brokers can showcase for-sale and sold properties; they can promote for-sale homes via listing walk-through videos.