Scanbot SDK has formally changed their companies names to Scanbot SDK GmbH and Scanbot SDK Inc


Scanbot SDK is glad to announce that they have changed the legal names of their companies in Germany and in the US to Scanbot SDK GmbH and Scanbot SDK, Inc. respectively. The change is effective immediately.

In 2011, Scanbot SDK set out on their journey as a company named doo GmbH to revolutionize document management. As their focus shifted to scanning and data capture technology and from B2C to B2B, which led to them selling their B2C app Scanbot, they adopted the name of their flagship product, the Scanbot SDK, as their brand name. In the meantime, they had also opened a legal entity in the United States to better serve the needs of their US-based clients.

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Scanbot SDK offer SaaS solutions for quick, reliable, and accurate mobile data capture. Their Barcode Scanner SDK, Document Scanner SDK, and Data Capture SDK for iOS, Android, and Web help companies reduce costs by eliminating error-prone manual data entry.

Scanbot SDK is changing their companies’ legal names to better reflect their product offering and harmonize their brand globally.

Scanbot SDK are currently in the process of informing all of their customers and partners about this change. For them, everything will stay the same, and besides updating their records, no further action is required on their part.

If there are any questions regarding this change, Scanbot SDK can be contacted via their website’s contact form. They will be happy to help with any inquiries.

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