Salesforce And Proof Help Customers Rapidly Predict and Optimize the Powerful Cause-And-Effect Relationships Driving “More Deals, Bigger Deals, Faster Deals”

Salesforce And Proof Help Customers Rapidly Predict and Optimize the Powerful Cause-And-Effect Relationships Driving More Deals_ Bigger Deals_ Faster Deals

For years, companies have wondered how to best understand, predict, and optimize a wide array of investments regarding sales, marketing, and customer experience delivery – the three big legs of any business.

Capitalizing on major market trends and the power of automation and innovative user experience, Salesforce and Proof Analytics today announced the launch of Proof BusinessGPS for RevOps, a full-scale revenue optimization analytics platform that enables revenue operations teams to rapidly develop, test and adjust many different analytical models to examine the interaction of their campaigns and revenue outcomes, all in the constantly evolving context of marketplace conditions, competitor actions, and their own changing brand and reputational power.

Experts say that 2020 accelerated the drive in many companies to centralize sales and marketing operations into revenue operations, or “rev ops,” in order to get a more holistic understanding of what’s “moving the needles” on revenue, margin, and cash flow performance.

Forrester analyst Steve Silver was a leader in spotlighting this trend as recently as late 2020, penning a public blog that asserted that, “The goal of improving alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success functions is not new; however, recent events have increased consideration of a single revenue operations team that includes sales operations, marketing operations, and customer operations.

A revenue operations function brings together the processes, metrics, technology, and data that support an efficient revenue engine. At a minimum, sales operations leaders must look beyond just the sales function and improve collaboration with the other operations functions. We [Forrester] suggest creating a revenue operations charter to codify the goals and ensure support among all stakeholders.”

Proof’s chief revenue officer Tim Colby said, “The math necessary to do advanced multivariable analysis has been around for a long time, and yet companies still struggle to make it a regular part of their decision-making. The reason is that human-powered data science is too slow, too hard to scale, even harder for business leaders to understand, and too expensive.

In contrast, Proof BusinessGPS™ delivers fast, scalable, accurate analytics as a SaaS solution with simple, clear pricing, significantly disrupting legacy providers like Neustar and Nielsen. Our customers see extraordinary value within days after connecting data streams to Proof.”

Salesforce product management leader Leonardo Carbonara said: “Big Data expert Bill Schmarzo famously wrote that ‘data without analytics is an empty promise.’ Many companies struggle to get a firm grip on what’s driving revenue because their marketing, sales, support, services, customer experience, and marketplace data are not plugged into analytics that deliver fast, accurate answers.

A strategic OEM partner of Salesforce, Proof solved this problem by delivering a highly scalable, analytics-led blueprint that helps revenue operations (“rev ops”), sales, finance and marketing teams to work together to analyze and optimize all of these factors on a continuous basis.

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Automated, accurate and natively integrated to Salesforce clouds, Proof BusinessGPS™, Proof Marketing Planner™, and Proof Marketing Finance MRM™ are the ‘missing link’ that companies need in order to make sense of the omnichannel world in which they succeed or struggle. As such, Proof is a natural and seamless addition for thousands of Salesforce customers who want to use analytics to extract powerful insights from the data in their marketing, sales, services, and customer experience clouds.”

Kyle Brantley, Proof’s co-founder and chief product officer, said: “The ability to understand and optimize revenue operations is all about mobilizing the right data and feeding it into Proof, enabling very fast updates that show you reality versus what was predicted, all in real time.

Customers need this help, and Proof is leaving no stone unturned with regard to integrating data into Proof BusinessGPS on Salesforce from virtually any data source. Proof’s Exchange integrations with Datorama and Tableau – and soon with Slack — mean that customers can instantly and automatically download even more relevant data into Proof in seconds and then collaborate effectively on the analytics.

The acceleration that this provides to teams is immense, not only concerning the mobilizing of their data but enabling them to get the insights they need faster and faster. There’s effectively no data source that can’t be piped into Proof, giving customers the ability to rapidly enrich all of their models.”

Currently, Proof is delivered on both AWS and Salesforce Lightning.  Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, Proof is natively integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Integration Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Higher Education Cloud, and Non-Profit Cloud.

Debbie Murphy, CMO of Gibraltar Industries, said, “Strategically framed marketing can be a major multiplier of sales revenue and profitability for the business. But until now, proving that was hard, and even the most advanced teams had to cobble together measurement and analytics to do so, often at great expense.

Salesforce and Proof have continued to change the game completely, delivering the first-ever full-cycle, cross-cloud solution that includes planning, budgeting, KPI tracking, and automated causal, forecasting, and optimization analytics, all at a very affordable price.”

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