Sales Mastery Launches Digital Platform for Advisory Services Clients

Sales Mastery Launches Digital Platform for Advisory Services Clients

Sales Mastery today announced the launch of their new online advisory services for sales, sales enablement, and sales ops leaders. A combination of hi-tech and hi-touch, subscribers will have access to a broad range of digital content while also having quarterly check-in calls and bi-monthly group calls.

“The room always gets quiet, when we ask the question, ‘Who’s coaching the coach?'” said Jim Dickie, co-founder of Sales Mastery. “We are pleased to bring data-driven perspectives and proven best practices to sales leaders and their organizations.”

After successfully starting and building CSO Insights into a recognized standard for B2B sales research (the firm was acquired by Miller Heiman Group in 2015 and is now a research division of Korn Ferry), the founders shifted their attention to AI-for-Sales solutions and Sales as a Profession. The firm has conducted surveys the past two years on AI-for-Sales and publishes a quarterly guide with over 190 AI solutions featured.

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Digital assets also include dozens of videos, online briefings, and articles, along with facilitator/coaching guides with easy sharing capabilities. “The COVID crisis has heightened and accelerated the need for this kind of resource with everyone working from home and the charter for Sales Enablement becoming more urgent,” said Barry Trailer. “At the same time, having to create content, conduct research, identify and implement best practices can be a significant challenge, for Sales Enablement and Ops; we are now able to support and ease that burden.”

Examples of online technology briefings, sales best practices, and thought leadership videos, as well as subscription pricing are all available by visiting