RPA Labs Adds Rippey the Response Bot, the Latest Innovation in Conversation AI for Logistics

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RPA Labs Adds Rippey the Response Bot_ the Latest Innovation in Conversation AI for Logistics

RPA Labs announced the release of Rippey, a Response Bot that provides answers to common questions that logistics companies receive from customers, such as, “Can I get a rate from A to B,” or “Where is my shipment?”

A proprietary combination of machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) allows Rippey to automate conversations with customers and vendors. Specialized for the logistics industry, Rippey consists of Conversation AI, complete with its own language library of logistics terminology that allows queries to be answered instantly through emails, mobile devices, and chatbots. Already built and ready to go, this no-code solution integrates easily with any system and can be configured to fit a variety of needs.

3 Things to watch out for While Deploying Chatbots

“Response time is one of the most important factors in customer service,” adds Matt Motsick, CEO of RPA Labs. “Many shippers need information instantly, and they don’t want to log into several portals. Email is still the most common communication platform to interact with customers – we are just speeding up the response process with Rippey.”

Repeatedly, research shows more than 75% of customers buy from the company that responds first. Sales conversions are even higher if there is a response within the first minute. Instant response times, like those provided by Rippey, give companies an edge over their competitors, leading to more wins and happier customers.

By reducing manual time spent answering online inquiries, Rippey allows key staff members to reclaim countless hours each week to focus on developing new business strategies and personalizing customer experiences.

Rippey is bridging the connection between chatbots and legacy ERP, CRM, and accounting systems. Requests for quotes, sailing schedules, and tracking can be provided to customers within seconds – without human intervention.

Conversational AI Transforming Customer Experience Across Industries

Rippey‘s core services include:

  • Email Automation

Eliminate emails up to 80% with this no-code, easy to implement a solution. Automate requests for quotes, tracking, schedules, and more.

  • Instant Response Chatbots for Company Websites

Customized Chatbots can answer common logistics questions without manual supervision. Be the first to respond to customers, leading to more wins and happier clients.

  • WhatsApp & SMS

Mobile communication continues to grow as a method of communication in the logistics industry. Provide instant bot responses to inquiries on any mobile device or application.

  • Social Channel Consolidation

Consolidate all social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Intercom, WhatsApp, Viber, and more. Customer service teams will be able to manage communications through a centralized control center.

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