Riverside enlists in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program to expand its influence

Riverside enlists in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program to expand its-01

Riverside, a leading online recording studio, announced today it was partnering with its cloud provider AWS by joining the ISV Accelerate program and AWS Marketplace.

The new go-to-market will permit the two companies to engage mutual clients and prospects together, addressing several sectors like media and entertainment, healthcare, finance, government, education, and more.

In addition, Riverside is now officially listed on the AWS Marketplace allowing vendors to license the product directly through their AWS account using credits.

Nadav Keyson, CEO and co-founder of Riverside, said the new partnership will remove barriers to adoption and simplify purchasing processes.

“We’re glad to announce another milestone in our fruitful and multi-faceted partnership with AWS,” he said. “This new commercial framework will facilitate the adoption of our solution by our many mutual clients, and it’s another milestone on our journey as a company partnering with AWS.”

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Riverside continues to improve its audio and video recording platform for video and podcast creation. In addition to its latest advancements and Riverside’s unique ability to record lossless audio and 4K video tracks independent of internet connection speeds, users can:

  • Download separate audio and video tracks perfectly in sync with no software installation required
  • Achieve lightning-fast uploads that start upon recording and continue in the background throughout the session

At the end of the recording session, both the video and audio files are automatically downloaded without contributors having to manually send files from their end. Riverside’s integration with AWS allows this content to be exported to S3 buckets powered by the cloud storage company.

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