Revel Digital Partners with Intelligent Ad Media to Enhance Digital Signage and Audience Engagement

Revel Digital Partners with Intelligent Ad Media to Enhance Digital Signage and Audience Engagement

Revel Digital®, a leader in SaaS based digital signage and media distribution, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Intelligent Ad Media, a company known for its innovative approach to audience engagement through digital screen technologies. This partnership will leverage Revel Digital’s expertise in enterprise digital signage with Intelligent Ad Media’s diverse and extensive network of digital displays.

Intelligent Ad Media aims to enhance their existing and future digital signage deployments with a number of technologies provided by the Revel Digital platform including AdHawk, which is a suite of tools specific to audience analytics and sensor driven content. These technologies will bolster audience engagement with the ability to fine-tune and present content at the optimum time. This, in turn, will result in a better return on investment for DooH advertisers. In addition to AdHawk, Revel Digital also provides the ability to specifically target mobile devices which opens up an entirely separate modality for content distribution. This content is accessible via QR code, NFC, or Bluetooth and can coincide with content on an associated display, or can be an entirely separate campaign.

Peter Mayhew, CEO of Intelligent Ad Media, comments on the partnership with Revel Digital: “We have been working with Revel from our inception in 2019 and have scaled our business from NY to Hawaii and everywhere in between. We researched many CMS platforms and could not find one that gave us the flexibility to create custom experiences nor have a team willing to provide additional engineering services when our clients needed something unique. Their template tool allows us to free-form each venue to give it its own unique look and feel. At our request, Revel integrated with Vistar, PlaceExchange, and soon to start Hivestack programmatic platforms. Very happy to have such a great team behind the scenes keeping us front and center with our clients.”

Mike Tinnes, CTO of Revel Digital, comments on the partnership: “Intelligent Ad Media is a perfect partner for Revel Digital as they have a large footprint in the physical spaces most applicable to our offerings in digital signage, digital out-of-home advertising, and audience measurement. We look forward to working with IAM on not only optimizing their existing network but also introducing some innovative new capabilities into their existing tech stack.”

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