The food and beverage industry is constantly challenged to meet changing demands without impacting great service. Some of these businesses need the flexibility to field a pop-up shop or food truck to extend their brands, while others must speed the ordering process to cut customer wait times.

CMOs think Collaboration can be a Key Growth Driver for Marketers

No matter if it’s a fast-casual, fine-dining or stadium setting, the hardware offers key enhancements for optimal performance, efficiency, and self-service. For example, the systems feature a larger non-glare screen for improved performance in bright locations and more expedient, error-free order entry; simplified employee sign-in for improved management and reporting; tamper detection for greater physical security; and reduced power requirements for longer device usage without charging. The systems also offer an enhanced speaker design for digital KIOSKs to improve the self-ordering experience for customers.

“Successful restaurant businesses live in constant motion and are always poised for change,” said Simon de Montfort Walker, senior vice president, and general manager for Oracle Food and Beverage. “Our technology is purpose-built for the unpredictable restaurant environment; not just day-to-day complexities but the challenges associated with growing a successful business.”

The new Workstation models are built upon a heritage of performance, reliability, and longevity – for even the harshest environments. The MICROS hardware and Simphony point-of-sale software operate with a consistent interface, features, and functionality ensuring a seamless experience for all stakeholders throughout a venue. This enables restaurant owners to optimize performance, streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase revenue-generating opportunities while improving the overall customer experience.

CMOs Adopt a Collaborative Futuristic Customer-Centric Vision

“Increasing market pressures, sweeping regulations, and changes in consumer expectations for experiential hospitality call for the industry to act in innovative ways that meet rising expectations, improve outcomes, and deliver value,” said Leslie Hand, global vice president, IDC Retail Insights. “The technology decisions made today must consider the future state of the business so that when the next wave of disruption comes, they have a strong infrastructure from which to build and continue to innovate.”

These next generation of Oracle MICROS Workstations are one of the innovations Oracle is bringing to market to help customers simplify operations, establish a platform for growth, and create unique and engaging brand experiences for their guests.