Refereum Partners With Leading Digital Marketplace OpenSea

Refereum , Digital Marketplace , OpenSea

Blockchain-powered rewards and marketing company, Refereum, announces its partnership with OpenSea, the leading digital marketplace for crypto collectibles, allowing Refereum token holders to spend $RFR on millions of assets across the OpenSea digital marketplace.

As blockchain-based games and services are becoming more widely adopted, OpenSea’s digital marketplace has become to blockchain games that Ebay is to E-commerce. OpenSea builds support and usability for digital assets and provides a sense of security for buying, selling, and trading online. Users from opposite corners of the world can buy or sell any asset on the blockchain without needing to trust each other or using a third-party app.

In an effort to expand the reach and usability of Refereum rewards, this partnership provides $RFR payment options for a few exclusive game partners, with more coming in the near future. For now, users will be able to buy and sell crypto-collectibles from leading blockchain games CryptoKitties, CheezeWizards, and Forgotten Artifacts.

“OpenSea provides tremendous support for the blockchain gaming community. Their marketplace is vast, offering support for potentially limitless games and assets,” says Sloane Earl, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Refereum. “As a company that truly believes in blockchain technology, we’re proud to partner with a team that is so focused on safe and scalable growth for our industry.”