Red Swing Group Chooses Unanet AE for ERP and CRM

Unanet, the leading provider of project-based ERP and CRM for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry, today announced that Red Swing Group, a leading Pittsburgh-area civil engineering firm, has chosen Unanet’s ERP and CRM solutions. Red Swing Group has already begun Unanet’s seamless and rapid implementation of the combined solution and plans to roll-out new capabilities to its employees, who have been relying on manual processes. Red Swing also expects that Unanet will enable them to win more of the right business by offering insights into opportunities that they haven’t been able to see previously.

Red Swing Group had been managing its business using disparate spreadsheets and entry-level project management programs. However, as the firm grew and took on larger projects, the company’s leadership team realized that they needed more advanced project management and customer relationship tools to keep up with their influx of new business. After a careful review of several software solutions, the team was thoroughly impressed by Unanet’s tailored and purpose-built solutions. Red Swing will also take advantage of Unanet’s interactive dashboards and real-time reports so that the executive team can more easily make strategic business decisions about resources, priorities and accounting. Additionally, Unanet will help Red Swing be more consistent and efficient in tracking, managing and winning new business opportunities.

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“Our previous solutions were not very user friendly or insightful when it came to getting a focused look at projects, a big-picture view of the critical areas of our business or an easy way to manage and grow leads,” said Katelyn Andreassi, marketing coordinator at Red Swing Group. “We were impressed by Unanet’s ERP and CRM solution and how they work together so seamlessly. We expect Unanet will help us be a more efficient and strategic firm.”

Red Swing Group was founded in 2009 in the basement of Matthew Smith who learned the company’s core principles from his grandfather who shared them with him on a red swing that hung in his backyard: “do a person right”, have honor in your work, show integrity, be ethical, think smart, and spend wisely. Smith also learned that the development of a trustworthy relationship is the basis that will allow you to succeed in life and business. This emphasis on relationships is another core element of Red Swing Group’s decision to choose Unanet, which provided incredible customer service from the onset. Unanet’s commitment to friendly, knowledgeable and helpful service set it apart from the competitive products Red Swing Group evaluated.

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