Recurly Introduces More Rapid & Exquisite Subscription Analytics

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Recurly Introduces More Rapid & Exquisite Subscription Analytics

Recurly, the leading subscription management and recurring billing platform, today announced a significant upgrade to its subscription analytics designed to quickly deliver metrics that grow subscription businesses. The platform enhancements enable Recurly customers to accelerate subscription growth, maximize revenue, and minimize churn with faster, more advanced insights.

“Subscription companies must be laser-focused on reducing churn and accelerating growth. That requires real-time access to the metrics that measure progress,” said Jonas Flodh, Chief Product Officer at Recurly. “Recurly customers can now unlock that data, using it to target subscribers with the right products and plans, better manage monthly recurring revenue, and track subscription profitability and lifetime value. In short, our improved data analytics engine makes it simpler to uncover the strategic insights our customers need to be competitive and grow.”

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Recurly’s new dashboard data visualization tools deliver comprehensive insights on the health of customers’ subscriptions, helping them explore, analyze, and share real-time business analytics with features like:

  • Faster data: Near real-time refresh with the metrics that matter most
  • Smarter insights: Filter and segment data by time frame, date range, plans, currency, and more
  • Flexible access: Easily download underlying data within dashboards and reports to append with other data sources

Yellowbrick, the innovative global education company, recently made the switch and has seen an improvement in efficiency when adding new data sets. “The dashboard advancements provide more granular insights within Recurly, and that saves us time and resources by not having to rely on external tools or engaging additional team members to look for immediate signals. The updates help us to harness our data and let us focus on delivering business value,” said Ankit Dhir, Co-Founder and CRO at Yellowbrick. “Recurly’s commitment to innovation and cutting-edge capabilities led to significant increases in our productivity. We now see updates made in minutes versus days. This, along with access to the right information, helps ensure we’ve got the right strategies in place to win in this competitive industry.”

True Market Insider, another Recurly customer and early adopter of the advanced analytics tools, also recognizes the value of the upgraded platform. “One of the most important business metrics to the True Market Insiders team is customer lifetime value (LTV), but our previous method of calculating that value was convoluted and time-consuming,” said Thomas Keller, the company’s Director of Technologies. “With Recurly, we can gauge LTV accurately using current, accurate information.”

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