Real Estate Agents, Teams Get Access to Delta Media’s Best CRM Platform for the First Time

Real Estate Agents_ Teams Get Access to Delta Media's Best CRM Platform for the First Time

Delta Media Group Inc., one of America’s most established and largest broker technology solutions providers, announces its most advanced website and digital marketing platform with built-in CRM – DeltaNET 6 – will be available directly to individual real estate agents and teams, as well as small brokerages for the first time.

Until now, the DeltaNET platform has been aimed at larger real estate brokerages and franchises. Beginning Aug. 24, the entire DeltaNET 6 CRM platform with all features unlocked will be available to agents and teams as a 30-day no commitment trial offer.

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“The best CRM is the one an agent will use,” says Michael Minard, CEO, and owner of Delta Media. “Delta Media is offering agents and teams a CRM solution that’s instantly adopted because it’s fully integrated into the automated tools they’ll use every day both for their websites and all their digital and traditional marketing.”

Minard explains individual agents and teams can leverage an array of automation using DeltaNET 6, from set-and-forget drip prospecting campaigns and My Customer for Life auto email engagement offerings to Facebook and LinkedIn connectors, and its unparalleled eCards and flyers platform. “One system to capture, cultivate, and connect to clients,” says Minard.

In addition to the built-in CRM, one of Delta’s platform’s most significant advantages is website and digital marketing customization, ensuring differentiation between brands that compete in any market. “Agents and teams thrive on differentiation,” he adds.

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Minard notes artificial intelligence improvements will enrich its DeltaNET 6 CRM capabilities. New AI features will power agent and team websites by offering consumer suggestions and automated marketing engagements – all tracked automatically inside its built-in CRM. Consumer search, for example, will monitor consumer behavior to anticipate the next steps. For agents and teams, artificial intelligence will help them review their sales funnel and make suggestions on which customers need to be contacted.

At the end of the 30-day trial, real estate professionals can keep the full-featured DeltaNET 6 platform for $99 a month, select from a starter program at $25 a month, or pay $49 a month for a more advanced program. Full details on these new program options will be available in September.