QuotaPath Launches Industry’s First Free Self-Service Commission Tracking Software for Sales Professionals

QuotaPath, Sales

QuotaPath announced the launch of its new platform designed to help salespeople calculate and track their commission-based earnings and quota attainment. Anyone with a quota, bonus, commission or performance incentive can now take advantage of QuotaPath’s diverse set of features, which allows sales reps, sales managers, and executives to own their personal career development.

QuotaPath was built on the belief that sales performance is intensely results-driven, but successful quota attainment and revenue growth are held back by manual processes and tools like whiteboards and spreadsheets. QuotaPath’s freemium, the consumer-focused product is bringing a fresh approach to automating and measuring sales performance data and impacting daily productivity and motivation.

“Until now, understanding commissions has been a largely opaque journey. Sales managers and sales operations have helped band-aid the issue, yet oftentimes reps don’t feel supported, leaving a deep divide when it comes to compensation plans,” said AJ Bruno, Co-Founder, and CEO, “The launch of QuotaPath is designed to help empower individual sales reps and align sales organizations.”

QuotaPath is a fully-functioning sales enablement tool that has already become an integral part of several organizations’ sales technology stacks. “Commission tracking is just the start of our functionality. Next, we’ll tie in the motivational aspects of earnings and daily productivity to fuel a more effective and efficient sales process,” said Co-Founder and COO, Cole Evetts.

The QuotaPath release includes the following features:

  • Workspaces: Workspaces are hubs for team members, colleagues, and collaborators to work and share within a single QuotaPath instance. Whether it’s a business, community, or another type of organization, anyone can create a dedicated Workspace with a custom name and URL.
  • Comp Plan Builder: No matter how complicated the pay structure, QuotaPath can handle it. Gain immediate insights from comp plans through the intuitive, self-onboarding process and start seeing results in minutes, not months. Comp plans can then be shared with others in the Workspace.
  • Multiplan: See career and earnings progress over time by building out comp structures and deal totals for past and future roles. Filter and aggregate earnings and attainment data to surface career statistics and achievements.
  • Earnings: The Earnings Dashboard gives a complete understanding of earnings data. Forecasting allows users to forecast deals in a Pipeline stage to know exactly how much they will bring home.
  • Attainment: Track personal quota attainment data and measure organization-wide goals and sales health metrics.
  • Teams: Invite members in a Workspace to become part of a Team. View aggregated quota attainment data in a leaderboard to see how members of the team rank against each other.