Quivers Launches New Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync That Lets Brands Offer Advanced Fulfillment Options Based on Accurate Inventory Data from External Retailers

Quivers Launches

The Quivers platform now integrates with retailer POS systems to power popular fulfillment options, like in-store pickup, during checkout on brands’ eCommerce sites

Quivers, the leading commerce platform for specialty brands, today announced a new software feature that allows brands to sync inventory data from their retailers’ point-of-sale systems into that brand’s eCommerce platform via Quivers.

With access to their external retailers’ physical inventory in real-time, brands can now offer more accurate omnichannel shopping experiences like in-store pickup and know with certainty that the product is in fact available and will be ready for pickup at the physical store.

“By giving brands access to real-time inventory of independent, and corporate retail stores worldwide, we’re helping to facilitate a better omnichannel fulfillment experience,” said Ruben Martin, Co-founder, and CEO of Quivers. “And we make it extremely easy for retailers. Our new inventory integration with their POS systems is fully automated and takes maybe a couple of minutes to set up. This means less fiddling with software for retail staff and more accurate inventory for brands’ eCommerce stores.”

The new point-of-sale feature is currently live and available now in the apps section of Quivers, including an initial integration with Lightspeed, with additional POS system connectors following shortly.

Accurate External Inventory for Better Ecommerce

Quivers’ new Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync feature means that, for the first time, brands can automatically ingest and track real-time inventory data from their external retailers and use this information to serve in-store pickup options at checkout on the brand’s website, far more accurately than ever before.

Brands have previously had some ability to offer in-store pickup with their corporate-owned stores, but have faced technical and operational difficulties deploying advanced fulfillment services like in-store pickup with their external (non-corporate-owned) retailers.

With Quivers, brands can now ingest physical inventory from any location, including external independent and large chain retailers, as well as, from their own corporate stores. This lets the brand offer in-store pickup at stores they were unable to before and manage all internal and external pickup fulfillment from one central location in Quivers.

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Consumers Want to Pickup

This new-to-market product from Quivers comes at a critical time for the specialty consumer goods industry. Consumer demand for fulfillment options like in-store pickup is growing. In a recent BigCommerce survey, 50% of respondents said: “they have decided where to shop online based on whether or not they could pick up in-store.”

The same way brands offer various payment options at checkout, they should also offer various fulfillment options in order to increase conversion-to-sale in their eCommerce store and to better meet the needs of their consumers. Now they can, accurately and confidently, with Quivers Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync.