Quartile Expands into Asian Markets with Strategic Partnerships and Portal Globalization


Quartile, the world’s largest retail media optimization platform, announces its strategic expansion into Asian markets, underscored by the globalization of its portal and key partnerships with regional resellers.

Quartile’s portal, renowned for its AI-driven campaign management tools, is now accessible in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, in addition to English. This enhancement allows users to seamlessly switch between languages, with plans to extend translation to reporting features by Spring 2024. This initiative is part of Quartile’s broader commitment to international market expansion.

Quartile’s foray into Japan is marked by an exclusive partnership with Legoliss Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsui. This collaboration brings Quartile’s advanced technology to Japanese agencies, brands, and sellers, leveraging Legoliss’s deep market knowledge and connections. The synergy between Quartile’s AI optimization and Legoliss’s local expertise is poised to redefine e-commerce advertising in Japan.

In China, Quartile has teamed up with LTMATE Technology Co., Ltd., a comprehensive cross-border operations service provider. LTMATE’s extensive network and expertise in building overseas brands are instrumental in introducing Quartile’s solutions to the Chinese market, facilitating brand growth and cross-border e-commerce success.

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Expanding its footprint in India, Quartile collaborates with Escape Velocity Digital Pvt. Ltd., a digital media technology services company with a strong presence in the Indian market. This partnership leverages Escape Velocity’s experience in media technology and Quartile’s innovative solutions to enhance media decision-making and advertising outcomes for Indian customers.

“Our expansion into Asian markets is a significant milestone in Quartile’s journey,” said Daniel Knijnik, Founder and CEO, Quartile. “We believe that the future of e-commerce advertising lies in understanding and catering to local needs. By partnering with esteemed resellers like Legoliss, LTMATE, and Escape Velocity, we’re not just entering new markets, we’re revolutionizing the way brands connect with retail channels across Asia and beyond.”

Quartile’s expansion into Asia, coupled with its portal globalization, marks a new era of e-commerce advertising in the region. By embracing local languages and forging strategic partnerships, Quartile is set to empower brands and sellers with unparalleled insights and optimization capabilities.

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