Pushing through the pandemic – inploi enhances jobs platform to target the New Collar workforce

Pushing through the pandemic - inploi enhances jobs platform to target the New Collar workforce

– Over 150,000 searchable vacancies added across the UK, Germany, and New Zealand

– New features including job seeker profile videos, in-platform voice and video calling and enhanced employer brand pages are live

– The New Collar Worker report released today draws on proprietary research and Deloitte, Gallup, and the Pew Research Centre polling


Technology start-up inploi has launched a string of new features adding tens of thousands of job opportunities to their platform and positioning it squarely as the professional community to connect the New Collar Workforce with companies that want to engage and hire from this demographic. inploi notes that 82% of their user base do not have a LinkedIn profile.

With most hiring activity paused during the COVID lockdown, the inploi team have seized the opportunity to test and launch new tools including in-platform voice and video callingjob seeker profile videosexpanded company pages for enhanced employer brand development and a number of integrations that ready the platform for international expansion, already underway.

Co-founder and CTO Alex Hanson-Smith commented“our mission is to  build a job discovery platform for the future of the workforce, providing them with the best user experience when searching for opportunities, networking, or seeking career-related resources; and to deliver an end-to-end hiring solution for companies seeking to engage the next generation of talent. Our latest updates represent the next stage of this mission and allow us to serve a much wider audience, with companies and job seekers in multiple industries and geographies utilising our platform.”

Available across web and mobile, inploi is designed to help companies engage the workforce of tomorrow: building communities around their brands and job opportunities. The New Collar Workforce – a category coined by inploi – comprises Millennial and Gen-Z job seekers: already the majority of the workforce and necessarily the future of every organisation. This demographic is poorly understood and poorly engaged when it comes to recruitment marketing. inploi has today published a white paper – The New Collar Worker: how to reach, engage and recruit the future of your workforce – drawing on their own proprietary research and work done by DeloitteGallup Polling, and the Pew Research Centre that considers this topic.

inploi CEO and co-founder Matthew de la Hey notes: “the New Collar workforce are tech savvy, mission-driven, and mobile. They care about who they work with and what type of place they’re working for more than any generation before them. They are consumers of workplaces and need to be convinced about the culture and values of an organisation, in addition to the type of work they’re doing. But that is not enough – this needs to be delivered using technology they are familiar with and a seamless user experience that digital natives expect.  Communicating with the New Collar workforce effectively calls for a new approach: new technologies, new messaging, and new organisational behaviours. That is why inploi exists.”

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Starting in the hospitality sector, inploi has already been used by more than 100,000 candidates to build a professional profile and to find work with major employers including Park Plaza Hotels and Young’s Pubs. By adding new industries and leveraging partner integrations, inploi has expanded its job content to over 150,000 searchable vacancies right across the United KingdomGermany and New ZealandHanson-Smith continued “as we enter a difficult economic period with unemployment set to rise, our mission is more important than ever before: helping people to find decent jobs with great employers, in any industry, within a forum of advice and support.”

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