Tweddle Group has announced the addition of its PubHub knowledge base extension to the AppExchange store for leading CRM platform Salesforce.

The Salesforce integration aims to speed support requests for Salesforce users. PubHub analyzes help tickets and makes instant support content recommendations.

“Many companies have vast support information libraries and their support teams struggle to keep up,” said Tweddle Group Chief Executive Officer Pat Aubry. “Customer support organizations have high turnover. The training and retraining becomes expensive. PubHub draws on all your existing product information, PDFs, videos, how-to articles and FAQs to help agents.”

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“Every other solution on the market forces you to create a new knowledge base from scratch,” said Ilya Sterin, Tweddle Group’s Vice President of Product Development. “That’s acceptable for startups, but established companies have support documentation already. PubHub turns your existing content into a coherent knowledge base. Support teams get an immediate boost, resolving inquiries faster and more accurately.”

The integration makes it easier for Salesforce teams to take advantage of PubHub’s multiple utilities, Sterin said.  “We designed PubHub to be a seamless part of an existing support workflow. Our PDF search and web-based viewer make PDFs easier to deal with. Our analytics show you how your support content is being consumed, and our article library lets you enhance your existing content, locate content gaps and address those gaps with new content.”

PubHub also lets you offer a self-service knowledge base direct to consumers.

“Now that it’s on the Salesforce AppExchange, support centers can integrate PubHub almost instantly,” said Sterin. “It’s very simple to get up and running with all your existing content.”