Prodport Announces Public Launch

Prodport Announces Public Launch-01

Today the founding team of Prodport, a headless software platform for dynamic and personalized product detail pages, is proud to emerge from stealth mode and announce their public launch in the U.S. and Germany.

Founded in 2021, Prodport personalizes product pages to fit individual customers, enabling a transformative improvement in last-mile customer experience that significantly increases conversion rates.  Headless and agnostic to any e-commerce platform, Prodport dynamically matches product content with customer intelligence to personalize product detail pages and increase conversion rates.  Prodport is delivered via an intuitive solution, designed for easy collaboration between product and marketing teams for B2B and B2C product catalogs.

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“Our founding team comes from digital marketing, product experience, and e-commerce storefront backgrounds.  From those experiences, we collectively realized a critical breakpoint in customer experience:  the product detail page.  Significant money and efforts are invested to drive personalized traffic to product detail pages via display ads, product recommendations, SEO, banners, email marketing, etc.  However, the product detail page – only one click from checkout – remains static and ignorant of who the visitor is.  We believe this is a huge missed opportunity for product and marketing teams across industries that we founded Prodport to address.” 
 Ohad Hecht, Co-Founder and CEO, Prodport

“With Prodport, we’re able to completely personalize our product catalog with a seamless Shopify integration. We’re a product-focused brand and it’s the only tool we’ve found that focuses on personalization for all aspects of our product detail page.”

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