Primis, Video Discovery launches Primis Next – The next evolution in video discovery

evolution in video discovery

Video Discovery company Primis has launched Primis Next, an engagement-based discovery engine that empowers users by automatically skipping content they don’t interact with.

As the pioneers of video discovery, Primis’ mission is to increase revenue for publishers by helping users discover high-quality video content. Primis Next advances this mission with three primary changes:

  1. Users that engage with a video get an uninterrupted video experience; no breaks, no ads
  2. Videos that didn’t lead to engagement will be auto-skipped, to allow users to discover the next video
  3. To support the uninterrupted video experience, most mid-roll breaks will be replaced with pre-rolls

“We are proud to be on the forefront of providing better video engagement, consumption, and monetization,” said Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO and Cofounder at Primis. “We believe that Primis Next will help us in achieving these goals for our publishing partners, demand partners, content providers and the people who frequent their websites.”

This new approach to video discovery was crafted to empower users to have more control over the content that they consume, without compromising the ad revenue that independent publishers depend on. The machine learning technology observes the engagement patterns of the user, recommending them with the most engaging content, customized to their unique preferences.

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