Playable, the leader in video email marketing, announced the launch of a Stock Video Library, packed with millions of high-quality videos that can now be added to the billions of emails delivered each day by Mailchimp, the all-in-one marketing platform for small businesses.

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Marketers can quickly find and buy the perfect video on Playable, then customize the video to match their brand guidelines and marketing objectives, using Playable’s AI-powered video editor and tools to easily add captions and a logo.

For businesses with existing video content on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, those videos can also be uploaded into Playable for use in email campaigns delivered by Mailchimp.

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“Any small business can now benefit from the increased email click-through and post-click purchasing that video content inspires, without suffering the cost and complexity of producing their own video content,” said Joni Deus, Senior Director of Partnerships at Mailchimp.