Plannuh Announces an Index for Scoring and Benchmarking Operational Marketing Performance Based on Data Analytics


The Operational Marketing Index (OMI) measures a marketing department’s operational marketing performance and provides best practices for improvement

Plannuh Inc., makers of the world’s leading AI-Driven marketing leadership platform, today announced the Operational Marketing Index designed to help marketers gauge the effectiveness of their marketing and improve performance. Operational marketing is the creation, execution, and measurement of a marketing plan, and prior to the Operational Marketing Index, there was no way to assess performance.

Today, in order to access best practices for improving the performance of marketing plans and budgets, a marketer’s only recourse was to reach out to their networks to learn from peers. Although there are many ways to manage and measure tactical marketing activities, there has been little available to help marketers measure the effectiveness of their operations. The Operational Marketing Index addresses the need for both measurement and improvement.

Through a small set of targeted questions, the Operational Marketing Index reveals the maturity of a company’s operational marketing processes relative to other organizations. The OMI survey asks 8 questions regarding how the marketer creates and runs their marketing plan, and 8 questions about how they build and manage their marketing budget. The Operational Marketing Index will produce an overall score, as well as a unique score for both the marketing plan and budget.

In addition, the Operational Marketing Index provides actionable guidance on best practices to improve a respondent’s scores. The OMI report gives you over 20 pages of concrete advice on how to advance the absolute and relative operational marketing performance of a marketing organization, and to understand how it fares compared to industry counterparts.

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“Today, there is not enough industry benchmark data available to help marketers assess their marketing effectiveness and close performance gaps,” said Peter Mahoney, founder and chief executive officer of Plannuh. “We built the Operational Marketing Index to provide actionable insight for marketers so they can focus efforts on what is most important – creating goals, building a plan to achieve these goals, and efficiently utilize budget.”

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