Planful and Postal Collaborate on Measuring and Tracking Marketing ROI for Customers

Planful and Postal Collaborate on Measuring and Tracking Marketing ROI for Customers

Planful Inc., the pioneer of financial performance management cloud software, today announced that Postal, the leading global offline engagement platform, has joined Planful’s partner network. The partnership empowers Postal customers with a seamless way to track what they spend on the Postal platform, measure Postal campaign ROI, and replace static, friction-filled spreadsheets with Planful to easily build, execute, and manage marketing plans and budgets across Postal and other marketing channels.

“Especially in today’s economic climate, marketers need an easier way to prove the return on investment they’re getting from different campaigns and channels,” said Erik Kostelnik, Founder and CEO at Postal. “Postal has made it easy to achieve ROI with offline engagement. Now, by partnering with Planful, we’re making it easier for our customers to actually measure and track that ROI. Even better, Planful gives our customers an intuitive marketing planning and budgeting tool that helps them do the same across every marketing effort.”

Planful helps marketers build, execute, and measure plans and budgets while tracking expenses and business value all in one place. For Postal campaigns; campaigns on ad networks such as Google, LinkedIn, and Meta (Facebook & Instagram, etc); events and campaigns run from leading CRM systems like Salesforce; or any other marketing effort, Planful provides the detailed financial performance insights needed to make better, faster decisions. Marketers can also use Planful to compare campaign performance across Postal and other campaigns and quickly redeploy marketing spend to top-performing channels.

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Planful curates a diverse network of more than 70 certified partners to help guide, inform, and accelerate the journey of Planful customers. Together with Planful, these partners empower companies to treat financial performance management like a team sport.

“Planful not only gives marketers unprecedented insights into spend and budgets, it lets marketers team up with the Office of the CFO because it helps them speak in the language of financial performance rather than marketing jargon,” said Rowan Tonkin, Chief Marketing Officer at Planful. “Planful and Postal already use each others’ solutions. We’re confident that adding Postal to our network of partners gives our joint customers more critical insights and options as they push for peak financial performance. We are excited to partner with Postal and look forward to helping marketers get more ROI from every penny they spend.”

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