Pipedrive’s Updated Channel Partnership Program Designed to Power Partners with Resources & Tools for Success

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Pipedrive's Updated Channel Partnership Program Designed to Power Partners with Resources & Tools for Success

Pipedrive, the first CRM platform developed from the salesperson’s point of view, announced it has updated its Channel Partnership Program designed to incentivize and drive incremental revenue and sales for its channel partners. The two-tier program accommodates multiple partner business models.

The New Age CMO – Changing Beyond Recognition

Pipedrive’s infinitely scalable platform has more than tripled its customer base in three years, growing from 30,000 more than 90,000 across the globe. Pipedrive is the #1 user-rated CRM software. It is designed to help salespeople get more qualified leads into the pipeline and take quicker action on the most promising deals. The platform includes a powerful AI sales assistant, a flexible user interface that enables salespeople to customize their view of deals in the pipeline; and robust performance dashboards and reporting that let sales managers coordinate the activities of sales teams to close more deals and grow revenue faster. While the company continually drives the advancement of the sales CRM industry with increased power and scalability, ease of use remains a hallmark of Pipedrive.

The Channel Partnership Program now has two tiers: 1) Affiliate and 2) Solution Providers.  There are two levels of Solution Providers: Premier (formerly Expert) and Elite (formerly Resellers). Affiliates are referral partners incented to drive their revenues by providing leads to Pipedrive. Solution Providers are organizations that drive value-added consulting and services to their customers as they independently market, sell, and implement Pipedrive.

Ensuring Privacy Gives Competitive Advantage to GDPR Compliant Companies

Said Ron Buck, chairman, and CEO of Performance Insights, one of the largest resellers and systems integrators of Pipedrive in the World, “Pipedrive has been an integral component to our comprehensive solutions that take financial institutions to the next level of sales performance.  For our clients, this results in a powerful, scalable, easy to use sales CRM platform to drive success.”  For more than two decades, Performance Insights has designed and implemented profound sales transformations in partnership with the greatest financial institutions.