Procter & Gamble (P&G) presents exclusive live stream “VVIP2.0” with top e-commerce Livestream KOL Viya. The Livestream features interaction with P&G executives, guest appearances by celebrity Zhou Shen, and product demonstration by the P&G scientists that shows how new products could be developed, which successfully drive sales.

Marketing Data Matters Much More than the Campaign Performance

In April 2019, with its diversified brand power, rich products, and extraordinary product quality, P&G positioned itself ahead of the pack as the leading enterprise to enter a strategic partnership with top Taobao Livestream KOL Viya, signing on her as P&G Global Hot Products Promoter. On the live streaming day, Viya was awarded the “Social Marketing Special Contribution Award” by the China Advertising Association for her role model in the e-commerce live streaming industry.

Livestream2.0 is not just about driving sales but represents an upgrade in new product incubation and branding. Last year, P&G brands including Pantene and Whisper chose to launch key new products via live-streaming, with great success. This “VVIP2.0” exclusive Livestream also features a number of new product launches, creating much excitement among viewers. As a collaboration between brands and Livestream KOLs push beyond driving sales into co-creation of content, significant new opportunities will open up outside the livestreaming room.

Content Marketing Trends for B2B E-Commerce, 2020

This partnership between P&G and Viya is not just delighting consumers with compelling content but breaks new ground for a brand-influencer relationship in e-commerce livestreaming. Only by embracing new technologies while using data analysis and expanding social platforms, P&G could develop more innovative marketing and cooperation models.